Cardiac DiseasesHerzerkrankungen
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    Cardiac Diseases

    myocardial infarction and chronic ischemicreperfusion and stenting of the respective coronary artery as well as anti-thrombotic therapies. These therapies cannot avoid the later sequelae of the disease, namely ventricular remodelling. Since the human heart only has very limited ability to regenerate itself it can normally not compensate for the consequences of an acute myocardial infarction, namely tissue damage in the affected region of the heart and massive cell death due to oxygen deprivation. For both, acute myocardial infarction and chronic ischemic heart diseases, this leads to an increased morbidity and mortality for patients. The goal is to increase cardiac regeneration on top of standard therapies, to improve ventricular function and to increase the number of viable and functional cells in the diseased cardiac tissue, thereby ameliorating the effects of cardiac remodelling with the long term goal of reducing morbidity and mortality of patients with large myocardial infarctions and depressed left ventricular contractile function.